A column dedicated to Bordeaux. Certainly not a groundbreaking novelty in the landscape of wine journalism and criticism. However, it is definitely new for our newspaper.

We had never thought of writing something unique for a specific territory, but in recent years, thanks to a generally changing world that has allowed me moments of deeper reflection and the opportunity to study that geographic and productive area, I have developed a love for those expressions.

This is why Bordeaux mes amours, my loves. Because there are so many wines that have excited me and will be the subject of this column. A moment of insight for a territory that, like many, is undergoing profound changes in an increasingly difficult and multifaceted global market.

But like all lovers, I will try to recount my tastings and my future travels with that pinch of criticality necessary to ensure it is not just a love letter, but a tool for many enthusiasts. The goal is ambitious. Because I want to speak to the entire world and for this reason, as you are reading, we will speak in English.

Safe travels to all.

Riccardo Gabriele